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Please find below a summary of the posts in 2010

(12/10) Researcher searching for children born of war in the GDR.

(10/10) Press conference in the German Parliament hosted by SPD: Vater gesucht –
Ein bis heute andauerndes Tabu des Zweiten Weltkrieges

(07/10) New article! Ingvill C. Mochmann and Sabine Lee: The Human Rights of
Children born of War: Case Analyses of Past and Present conflicts, Historical
Social Research, Vol. 35, 2010, No. 3. 268-298.

(06/10) New publication: Ingvill C. Mochmann and Dorien Detombe: The COMPRAM
Methodology and Complex Societal Problems – an Analysis of the Case of
Children Born of War, Organizacija, Volume 43, Number 3, May-June 2010 ,
113-124. DOI: 10.2478/v10051-010-0012-3.

(06/10) Interview with Ingvill C. Mochmann in Deutschlandfunk June 11th 2010.

(06/10) Researcher searching for Polish children born of war. Further information in
German and Polish.

(04/10) The European war child associations have established an joint association
called BOW i.n. (Born of War International). Here more information.

(06/2010) New publication: R. Charli Carpenter: Forgetting Children Born of
War: Setting the Human Rights Agenda in Bosnia and Beyond, Columbia
University Press.

(05/10) Children born of war searching for roots, a virtual exhibition of the Belgian
Staatsarchiv with information on how to search for family background (in
French, German, and Dutch).

(05/10) Karmen Erjavec and Zala Volcic: Living With the Sins of Their Fathers: An
Analysis of Self-Representation of Adolescents Born of War Rape, Journal of
Adolescent Research, Vol. 25, No. 3, 359-386 (2010) DOI:

(05/10) A Report by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative with Support from Oxfam
April 2010
oxfam%20drc%20gbv%20report.pdf (includes information on children born of
rape in Congo).

(04/10) Session on “Children born of war” has been accpeted at the conference
“Children and War, past and present”, Salzburg, Austria, 2010.

(04/10) Research project on children born of war in Finland. For further information
click here.

(04/10) Research project on children born of war in Poland. For further information see
section on research projects on mmbership pages.

(03/10) Call for papers – two special issues on “War and Trauma” (in German). For
further information click here.

(01/10) Lesung und Podiumsdiskussion betreffend das Buch “Wir waren doch nur
Kinder…” des Autors Jenö Alpár Molnár. Seine autobiografische Geschichte
handelt von seinem Leben in Österreich.Freitag, 05.03.2010 Einlass 15.00
Uhr, Beginn 16.00 UhrParlament: Budgetsaal (Saal VI), Wien.