Request for Interview with Norwegian Lebensborn ‘Child’

On behalf of Portuguese freelance reporter Tiago Carrasco.

Mr Carrasco is based in Bavaria, Germany, and is working as a correspondent for several Portuguese and European media outlets.He is currently preparing a long feature about children abducted by criminal regimes, to appear in Portuguese weekly newspaper Expresso.

The feature will start with some cases of Ukrainian children who were forcibly deported to Russia and listed for illegal adoptions, and then goes back to similar illegal actions which happened in the context of the Balkan War, of the East Germany’s regime and also children who were born in Lebensborn houses promoted by the Nazi regime. 

Mr Carrasco would like to invite a Norwegian Lebensborn “child” who finally ended up living in Germany and is still living there, for an interview as part of this feature. It could be done in Germany (in-person) or remotely.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in participating in an interview, please contact Mr Carrasco directly using the link below, or check out his Instagram.