New book released: Lebensborn – Birth Politics in the Third Reich

New book released by Angeniet Berkers: ‘Lebensborn – Birth Politics in the Third Reich Berkers’. Content: In 1935, a German programme was initiated to provide the Third Reich with a new generation of leaders and future elite: Lebensborn (Source of Life). Birth rates fell dramatically after World War I, and the Nazis tried to reverse this trend.

To prevent abortion (married and unmarried) women could give birth in several Lebensborn homes spread across Germany, Austria, and in occupied territories such as Norway, Belgium, and France, if they met the requirements of the Aryan race. The architect behind this plan, Heinrich Himmler, aimed to improve the ‘racial quality’ in the new empire to be built on a National Socialist basis. When it turned out the program wasn’t ‘effective’ enough, children were kidnapped from Eastern Europe to be ‘Germanised’. 

After the war, the children from these homes and families were often stigmatised and sometimes even mistreated and abused. Many grew up with secrets. This book gives a visual insight of Lebensborn, but above all tells about the personal impact for those involved, through the compelling stories of nine individuals.  

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The Lebensborn Book has been shortlisted for the Historical Book Award in Arles!