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Data is absolutely pivot for improving things. This is especially relevant for topics such as “Chilldren born of war” as usually a lot of people want to hide the truth from the pubic.

That is what it is even more important to collect concrete data in a sientific way about the topic. The CBOW project aims to build up databases regarding this topic and make them available to the public.

If you have any data about the topic, that you think that can be of relevance for the topic, please let us know:

Existing data:

In this section you will find data on children born of war in different conflicts. Data will be collected in two areas:

  1. General data country overviews: contains information (basic numbers) regarding the existence of children born of war. If you have relevant information, please fill in the information in here and send it to
  2. Research data: Information regarding data (quantitative, qualitative, macro data etc.). A template is available here. If you need to adjust parts of it to fit your purpose, please do so. For an example see here.

Countries and continents will be included here on a continuous basis when we receive information in these areas.

Expert tour guide on Data Management

For more information, please click here

Africa, Northern Uganda

For details on Study number U2004, please click here

Europe, WWII, Denmark

For details on Study number DK2003, please click here

Europe, WWII, Netherlands

For details on Study number NL (Information still missing), please click here

Europe, WWII, Norway

For details on Study number N1997, please click here

In addition a table including estimates on children born of war conducted by the War and Children Identity project in Bergen, Norway, in 2001, is made available here (see p. 8-9). The aim is to update the information included in this overview table as well as include information on children born of war after 2001.