How you can support us

You can support The CBOW Project supports projects in multiple ways

1) As project partners in externally funded projects
2) By connecting relevant stakeholders
3) By providing recommendation letters
4) By supporting individual projects (theses, research, training, advocacy, policy) with expert knowledge

As the CBOW Project presently has no own means to directly funds projects, we support partners in searching for funding. Presently we seek funding for projects in Ukraine, northern Uganda and Cameroon.

Projects & Collaborations

If you would like to support any of our projects, iniatives or the CBOW Project work in general, please contact the managing director and chairwoman:


You may also make any transfers directly to:

Children Born of War Project
c/o Sarepta Studio
Gr√łnnegata 83
2317 HAMAR, Norway

Account details:
IBAN: NO93 1506 5308 247