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1) Latest updates

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2) Films & Videos

Sue Lloyd-Roberts – BBC Our World – Vietnam, Vets 2014: YouTube Video: Vietnam: former GIs return to Saigon looking for girlfriends and children – April 2014 Produced, directed & filmed by Ian O’Reilly.

Film “Sie ist meine Mutter” (2006) Mutter-Tochter Beziehungsdrama um Vergangenheit, Herkunft und eine Lebenslüge.

Film Grbavica is a 2006 film by Jasmila Žbanić about the life of a single mother in contemporary Sarajevo in the aftermath of systematic rapes of Bosniak women by Serbian soldiers during the Bosnian War.[1] It was released in the United Kingdom as Esma’s Secret: Grbavica, and in US as Grbavica

Film ” A Woman in Berlin” (German: Anonyma – Eine Frau in Berlin), known as The Downfall of Berlin – Anonyma in the UK, is a 2008 German film directed by Max Färberböck, starring Nina Hoss and Yevgeny Sidikhin. It is based on the memoir, Eine Frau in Berlin, published anonymously (by Marta Hillers)[1] in 1959 in German, with a new edition in 2003.

YouTube Video “Nuwo ni uwacu”. The little fictional film Nuwo ni uwacu (even this one is ours) is about a woman called Nyiramiruho, which means the one who is unhappy. She gave birth to the child named Ntambara (the quarrel). His sister Ntamwiza (not of good character), his sister-in-law Nyirarushenyi (the destroyer) and the neighbors Nyirandabizi (I know) and Mukakimenyi (I know) despise Ntambara because he was born of rape. 14 years later, the viewer is confronted with the family’s relationship conflicts: how the mother will answer Ntambara’s questions as he tries to find out where he comes from, because he begins to rebel against his own mother.

Film “The beautiful country”: Having been married to, and been abandoned by, an American GI and having fathered a mixed-race son, she is reduced to the lowest rung on the all-powerful Vietnamese social scale.

YouTube Vidoe “Die Vergangenheit hinterlässt Spuren | SWR Nachtcafé”: Early mental injuries run deep! There is no question that the past leaves its mark on us. And often scars remain, which still hurt in old age and can break open again and again. But can childhood serve as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the rest of life?

YouTube Vidoe “Lebensborn: The Secret Aryan Breeding Program of the Nazi” During the Second World War, the Nazis invented and implemented a secret Aryan breeding program called Lebensborn. Born in special nurseries, the children were meant to renew the ranks of the SS in order to ensure the continuation of the Master Race. All records of their genetic parents were erased. Their fate lay directly in the hands of the Nazis. The parents who agreed to abandon these children did so willingly, some through conviction. The fathers of these children were all SS officers, a prerequisite for a woman to give birth to a Lebensborn child.

YouTube Video “Ingvill Constanze Mochmann addresses her dedication for the topic ‘Children born of War’“: Interview Global Health UiO, Tea Conversation with Ingvill Constanze Mochmann

3) Audios

Audio: Lord’s Children, Ugandan Women Tell Their War Stories. Ugandan women and girls tell their personal stories of rape, abuse, displacement, enslavement and torture.