My Child Lebensborn Game

Does the hatred just go away?

My Child Lebensborn is a story-driven nurture game – a dark tamagochi – letting you experience the fates of children born of war. You experience a different side to war – and see how hatred towards an enemy creates war victims even in peacetime.

The game tells the real stories of Lebensborn children – how they were discriminated against just because of their heritage, how they were seen as ‘the enemy’ even though they took no part in the war. Most of them didn’t even meet their real parents. They were hated, seen as ‘nazis’ instead of what they really were – innocent children.

My Child Lebensborn was created as a part of the multimedia project between Teknopilot & Sarepta studio – aiming to spark knowledge and discussion around the unknown history of children born of war. The game won a BAFTA in “Games Beyond Entertainment” category in 2018, and is seen as both an educative and fun experience for all ages.

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